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Gibson Les Paul Guitar Ivory Poster

Dimension21cm x 30cm

When we think of the solid-body electric guitar boom, we inevitably think of the early to mid-1950s. But Les Paul's story goes even further back. In 1945 Les Paul, already a respected guitar innovator, presented Gibson with the idea for a solid-bodied Spanish guitar.

A piece of pine wood ran through the middle of the instrument—slightly deeper and wider than the fingerboard—and hollow edges, or “wings,” were added to give it shape. Les named his prototype "The Log"—not exactly an admirable name, but totally apt for essentially a pine pile bolted onto it.

While Les acknowledges that solids are the future of electric guitar production, Gibson initially did not share his enthusiasm. They mocked the concept and rejected the prototype.

But by 1951, the guitar market was a very different place. Fender's new name "Telecaster" was taking a small storm in the guitar playing world, proving that Les Paul's solid vision wasn't as out there as Gibson first thought. Not surprisingly, that same year, Ted McCarty and his team began work on the model that would eventually become the Les Paul model.

Gibson wanted a well-made, expensive instrument that lived up to their reputation as a top-of-the-line instrument maker—it wasn't a clone of the Tele. In late 1951, they approached Les Paul with a prototype of their new instrument and an investigation; they wanted to print Les's name on the backing to increase sales.

That original guitar had many of the features we now associate with Les Paul; its distinctive shape, mahogany body and iconic "Gold Top" color scheme (chosen to reflect the guitar's status as a high-end instrument). However, there were also some differences. The pickups were P90s, and the trapezoidal tailpiece was similar to the one used on Gibson's hollow trunks of the time.

On the 1952 models, the tailpiece was actually misapplied, which made Les Paul very upset. The ropes were wrapped under, not over, as they should have been. This made damping the right-hand string impossible.

The following year, after Les Paul's protests, the tailpiece was fixed. While this greatly improved the playback experience, the intonation issues remained. As a result, Gibson abandoned the trapeze altogether in 1954, and the now iconic tune-o-matic bridge was born.

The story of the classic sunburst Les Paul could have ended here had it not been for the influence of a guitar legend. In 1964, Keith Richards purchased the 1959 Sunburst instrument, becoming the first guitarist to use it on the British stage. His peers followed suit. Eric Clapton switched to Les Paul in 1965, inspired by Freddie King. By the late 1960s, Peter Green, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were taking charge of Les Paul's resurgence.

The most popular guitar model, and arguably the most popular electric guitar in the world at the time, was no longer in production. In response to growing pressure from the guitar-playing public, Gibson reintroduced the Les Paul in 1968 – its legendary status finally confirmed. It has remained in production ever since.

This frame has soft lines, has been tested and approved for nurseries, and is available in many sizes. The plastic front guard is safe and gives the print a good look.

This excellent design is stocked and ready to ship.


You can easily hang the frame with nails or screws and decorate your walls with pictures.

It can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit the available space.

Front protection made of plastic makes the frame safer to use.

What's in the box?

printing with 1 frame

Frame: Particleboard, Paper foil

Front protection: Polystyrene

Printing: Ultra Premium Photo Paper


The table is carefully wrapped with air bubble nylon. It is elegantly covered with wrapping paper and tied with jute rope. After being packaged stylishly and suitable for gifting, it is ready for shipping with a shipping bag.

Gibson Les Paul Guitar Ivory Poster


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