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Love - Love Written Beach Towel



85cm x 150cm


Microfiber version: 100% Microfiber Fabric

Cotton version: Inner surface 100% Cotton / Print surface 50% Microfiber


Microfiber: Microfiber towel fabrics, one of the new trends, are produced from polyester and polyamide blend fibers. In addition to being absorbent, it stands out with its faster drying feature than other fabric types. thelucidlab digitally printed beach and pool towels are made of yarn woven fabric made entirely from recycled plastic. It can be used for years without losing its soft texture and thanks to its special fabric, it always has a high degree of water absorbency. Its structure, which has been made more durable from natural fibers, provides a function that is light and can be easily folded and compacted. In this way, it becomes one of the beach towel options that can be easily preferred while traveling.

Cotton: This towel, whose inner surface is made of 100% cotton yarn, is produced from recycled polyester threads on the outer surface with a special weaving technique. In this way, while it maintains its bright printed appearance on its outer surface, it preserves its feature as a towel woven from high quality cotton yarn on its inner surface. It is specially woven for those who do not give up on 100% cotton towels and do not want to compromise on printing quality.

Love - Love Written Beach Towel


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