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Monopoly Navy Blue Poster

Dimension21cm x 30cm

One night in late 1932, Charles Todd and his wife, a Philadelphia businessman named Olive, introduced their friends Charles and Esther Darrow to a real estate board game they had recently learned. As the two couples sat around the board and excitedly rolling the dice, buying properties and swiping their coins around, Todds was pleased to note that Darrows loved the game. In fact, they were so impressed that Charles Todd made them his own sets and began teaching them some of the more advanced rules. The game did not have an official name: it was not sold in a box, but passed from friend to friend. But everyone called it a 'monopoly game'.

They played many times with other friends. One day, Darrow, who, despite being exposed to the game, was unemployed and needed money to support his family, asked Charles Todd for a written copy of the rules. Todd was a little surprised that he had never written them down. Nor did it appear that written rules existed elsewhere.

In fact, the rules of the game were invented in Washington DC in 1903 by a brave, progressive woman named Elizabeth Magie. But the game's place in folk history was lost over the decades and was handed over to the man who took it from his friend's house: Charles Darrow. Today, Magie's story can be fully told.

For Elizabeth Magie, known to her friends as Lizzie, the problems of the new century were so great, income inequalities so great and the monopolists so strong that it seemed impossible for an unknown woman working as a stenographer to have a chance to alleviate the ills of society. with something as trivial as a board game. But he had to try. Every night, after her work in her office was done, Lizzie sat at home, drawing and redrawing, thinking and rethinking. It was the early 1900s and he wanted the board game to reflect his progressive political views - that was the whole point. There was only one obvious exit. At the turn of the 20th century, board games were becoming more and more common in middle-class homes. Also, more and more inventors were discovering that games are not just entertainment but also a means of communication. And so Lizzie got to work.

Endless thanks to Lizzie, the unknown creator of Monopoly, still one of the most popular board games today.

This frame has soft lines, has been tested and approved for nurseries, and is available in many sizes. The plastic front guard is safe and gives the print a good look.

This excellent design is stocked and ready to ship.


You can easily hang the frame with nails or screws and decorate your walls with pictures.

It can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit the available space.

Front protection made of plastic makes the frame safer to use.

What's in the box?

printing with 1 frame

Frame: Particleboard, Paper foil

Front protection: Polystyrene

Printing: Ultra Premium Photo Paper


The table is carefully wrapped with air bubble nylon. It is elegantly covered with wrapping paper and tied with jute rope. After being packaged stylishly and suitable for gifting, it is ready for shipping with a shipping bag.

Monopoly Navy Blue Poster


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Monopoly Navy Blue Poster

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